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  • “Too Soon”, the latest single by Belgium Reggae artist Sista MIKA

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    "Too Soon", the latest single by Belgium Reggae artist Sista MIKA, is a song to honor her Jamaican friend Troy who was murdered last year, and also to denounce the senseless violence that kills so many young people on the island.
    The original song was first released over twenty years ago, written in memory of the wife of Ras Mundele, who died at a young age.
    The content of the original song was rewritten and the music was recorded in Belgium, with the exception of the guitar parts recorded in Jamaica by Gerry Hunter aka King Zappow. The riddim was given a new arrangement by Lorenzo Marotta and was mixed and mastered by Bruno Floridia (Come Again Home Recording)
    “Too Soon” by Sista MIKA is available on leading download and streaming platforms. For your media copy hit the download link.


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  • Sista Mika, la pionnière du reggae en Belgique

    Sista Mika: The Belgian reggae pioneer

    Sophia Michalakoudis aka Sista MIKA was born in Brussels, Belgium. Her father was a Greek musician who played Rebetiko, which is traditional Greek music. Rebetiko means “rebel” and, like Reggae music, talks about social issues, the struggle for equality but is the music of the soul, like blues. This was the music that surrounded Sista MIKA as she was growing up.

    At the age of 13, Sista MIKA first heard Bob Marley on the local radio station singing “One Drop”, and that was her introduction to reggae music. MIKA started her own musical journey at the age of 14 when she attended college studying classical vocal music and music theory. She also took private music lessons. She recorded her first demos at the age of 16, her first live performance at the age of 18, and her first vinyl 45 at the age of 19, a French pop song called “T-shirt and Blue Jeans”.

    In 1986 Sista MIKA attended a Black Uhuru concert in Brussels and was mesmerized by Mykal Rose’ incredible voice and onstage charisma. This was the inspiration for her reggae music career. She formed her first reggae band at the age of 23 called MIKA and The Human Race with her two sisters, Ann aka Factor-X, and Elizabeth, and they released a vinyl 45 called “MLK” (a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King) which received acclaim from the media.

    In 2002 MIKA created her own independent label, Only 4 Music, allowing her to create without the restrictions of big major record companies.

    In 2007 MIKA went through a long drawn-out lawsuit against the British pop singer Mica Penniman who changed his name to Mika. Although she had registered her name in the ‘80s, MIKA decided to add the “Sista” to her name to avoid any confusion

    Sista MIKA has graced the stage with the likes of Mykal Rose, Israel Vibration, Eek-A-Mouse, Yellowman, Gilberto Gil and, Lucky Dube, in shows in The Netherlands, France, Italy, Hungary, England, and Germany.

    Over the years Sista MIKA has recorded 8 albums with collaborations from artists like Steel Pulse, Freddy Loco, Omar Perry, Dubcreator, Gussie P., and Henry P....

    2020, Belgium reggae artist Sista MIKA brings the first single“Freedom” featuring Mykal Rose and Sizzla Kalonji, from her upcoming album. , “Sista MIKA meets the legends”.
    The album, produced by legendary Grammy-winning producer Winston Harriott contains collaborations with some of Jamaica’s most renowned artists and musicians such as Mykal Rose, Sizzla Kalonji, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Lynn, Earl Chinna Smith, and Chris Meredith.

    Truly a mix of Jamaica and Belgium talent. “Freedom” ft Mykal Rose and Sizzla Kalonji was produced by Leroy Scarlett and the Reggae Powerhouse Band and was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica, and is released since August 18th on all major platforms and Sista MIKA’s website.